My family spent some time in Cabo before the school year started. Of course the kids love to swim so that's what we did, all day, everyday.... Somewhere in between pool sessions we did manage to eat though. I can't remember what this surf and turf place was called, but it was amazing. 

cabo playa grande joshua david becausehouse lobster san diego cabo realtor
surf turf tomahawk steak ribeye joshua david becausehouse

The Color Factory

Located at 575 Sutter in San Francisco is the most Instagram friendly pop up children's museum in the world. The Color Factory has numerous themed rooms that keep the kids and the parents stimulated with an intense bombardment of color and excitement. I'm totally exaggerating, but it's still a really fun spot. Make sure you have room on your phone for the hundreds of pictures you will be taking and uploading to Facebook! 

becausehouse the color factory joshua david BHHS
joshua david becausehouse the color factory san diego
llite brite color factory joshua david becausehouse

Dumpling Time!

I am all about dumplings, specifically Xiao Long Baos. We have a couple places in San Diego that have them, but we were in San Francisco recently and decided to give Dumpling Time a try. It did not disappoint. Make sure your whole party is there otherwise they won't seat you. Everything on their menu is great. The Gyozas are particularly delicious and I don't evenreally like Gyozas. Make sure you get the king-dum, which is their giant soup dumpling. They give you a straw for it. 


San Diego Poke Company

With all the Poke bowl places popping up around town, my favorite by far is San Diego Poke company. I'm not sure if they are the original or not, but they were the first poke bowl I tried in San Diego. They were at Fall Brewing one evening and I was immediately hooked after trying them. When I see them around town at Farmer's markets I always try to grab a bowl, so I was pleasantly surprised to find out they had a brick and mortar close by on Adams Ave. It saves me from driving over to Friars when I want my poke fix during the week.  : ) 

josh david homes becausehouse san diego poke co northofadams

Wow Wow Waffle

Living in the Metro Area has its perks. One of them is having some of the most amazing food in San Diego within walking distance of our homes. One such place, which I only recently discovered is Wow wow waffles. It is located behind a laundromat on 30th Street close to Lefties. If you haven't been there yet go run now and go get the Number Seven waffle. It is easily one of the most decadent waffle dishes I've ever had. 

josh david homes becausehouse northofadams wow waffles 30th street north park
josh david homes becausehouse northofadams wow waffles 30th street north park upas

Masaharu Morimoto

I had the pleasure of dining at Masaharu Morimoto's restaurant located at the MGM Grand in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. This was one of the most amazing food experiences of my life. I rate a few places highly solely depending on my moods and other people would rate these places differently. If I am craving Italian, I go to Cucina Urbana, if I want ramen, I go to Santouka in Mitsua. And I guess if I want something Asian and executed at the highest level and just so happen to be in Las Vegas, then I go to Morimoto. The presentation is second to none and the food is so good you just get lost in it all and stop taking pictures after a while.

josh david homes becausehouse northofadams adams 30th street north park 92116 92104 metro morimoto
josh david homes becausehouse northofadams adams 30th street north park 92116 92104 metro tuna tartare
josh david homes becausehouse northofadams adams 30th street north park 92116 92104 metro san diego morimoto wall

Cucina Sorella in Kensington

Cucina Urbana is one of my favorite restaurants. You cannot go wrong with any of their handmade pasta dishes. I pretty much just start with the first dish and work my way down the menu with each visit. If you haven't tried any of the restaurants by the Urban Kitchen Group they have one closeby in Kensington, Cucina Sorella. It did not disappoint. The bay opens at 4pm and they have a handful of tasty appetizers, my favorite is the Meatball and Polenta dish. Dinner starts at 5pm and we were already stuffed from happy hour, but we had  to get the shrimp spaghetti carbonara. I will be back really soon. Go check them out! 


A day out with the kids

North Park has many options for people with kids. My cousin and fellow agent, Kristine, brought her kids over one day and we decided to explore. We brought all of our kids to Soda and Swine and had some meatballs. We just walked down to Fall to grab a couple beers and some bacon wrapped hotdogs! We then took the kids down to Hammond's to end their night the right way. 

December Nights at Balboa Park 2016

I took the kids to December Nights again since we had so much fun last year. Protip: do not park in the Zoo parking lot. Try as best as you can to park on the street. We parked next to Roosevelt Middle School. It's just easier to get out when it's time to leave. Don't focus on the walk because that is all you will be doing anyway. The mandatory first stop for me is Devine Pastabilitites, but we saw a cool vendor next to them. He was melting a wheel of cheese and scraping it off onto your sandwich and/or plate. It looked good, will have to give it a try next time. The night was a constant barrage of food stalls and free museums. I love San Diego....