A Night out with Aldrich and Kevin

Living in 92116 has never been better, there's alot to do and I am always discovering new things. Aldrich is my brother in law and Kevin is THE rock star agent of San Francisco. I swear they even know more about my neighborhood than I do. We met up at Polite Provisions and I was introduced to a Jalapeno infused tequila drink, which was excellent, thanks Kevin. Soda and Swine brought over some food. Then we made our way to Belching Beaver for a recharge and took some pictures by the San Diego sign. We then walked over to Hammond's for a flight of cones. We finished up with some tacos at City Tacos, my first time there, thanks again Kevin. I'm definitely hitting that place up again.  

Fall Brewing

This place is awesome! If you haven't been there yet just swing by anytime for a quick beer. They have a different food truck/vendor out there every day and it's dog and kid friendly. I have two kids that I take with me everywhere, so it's one of my go to spots. They also have some cool very art on the wall. Oh and two more words.... Apocalypse Pony

At my listing and this happened...

So this woman was outside walking her really really big cat and it would not cooperate with her. It somehow got off the leash and ran under a truck across the street. She tried and tried for what felt like an hour to coax her out. This baby tiger then bolts for a bush next to the house caddy corner from us and she spends another hour trying to get it to come out. The lion cub is now growling repeatedly. I am now watching this unfold like a movie with a crowd of 6 people who have come through my open house and have now stayed. Finally the woman's boyfriend comes to save the day. He reached in and grabbed this angry leopard kitty and carries her home. Success!!!!