Real Estate ProTip: Just Say No to Signing a Buyer-Broker Agreement

A Buyer-Broker agreement serves the needs of an agent who wants to tie a buyer down exclusively via a contract. Agents do a lot of work for a client who is a buying a home. They are constantly looking at listings, lining them up for showings, and driving around. There is a very real fear that after all their work is done a buyer will write an offer with someone else like a listing agent. I'm all for loyalty, but it's the agent's abilities and service that should earn your loyalty.

You don't want to be with an agent who doesn't know what they are doing or does real estate part time. You certainly don't want to be stuck with someone who cannot get your offer accepted. You should be free to move on to a better, more experienced agent who can get you into your home. It can be tough to find that perfect house sometimes so you need an agent who won't drop the ball and if they do you need to be able to move on fast. Interest rates and inventory change daily and with things moving so quickly you don't want to be locked in for an extended period of time with a weak agent. 

Bonus Tip: the listing agent you think might save you some money is not loyal to you. They really only just met you. They are truly loyal to the person they have built an actual relationship with and that's the seller.

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