Real Estate ProTip: It's a Good Idea to Get Pre-Approved Before Looking at Houses

I would like to start off by saying that I would never pressure a client to get pre-approved prior to working with them. I will even show them houses without a pre-approval. I've done it many times. More often than not though they end up falling in love with a house and then start the process, which can take a couple days. Chances are however if they like a house, someone else out there likes it too. I've had clients lose out on a house because they were scrambling to get their approval in order and the house gets sniped from under them. It doesn't take long to do and I have some lenders that I absolutely trust to get the job done. These are only lenders I have personal experience with, lenders that have worked miracles and come through in the clutch. 

If you would like to have a brief discussion with one of my lenders please call me, 619-972-4168.